Authenticity is powerful.  Connect with people in ways they can relate.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, A one minute video is worth 1.8 million words.


The number one way to engage your audience is with video. It takes less time time to create the worthwhile impression that you want to send. Which is exactly why it’s the future for content and content marketing

About Flyover Films

We Believe Authenticity is powerful.  We capture the human experience in ways that touch universal chords and create real connections that create an emotional response in the viewer.

Founded by Producer/ Director Damian Kussian, Flyover Films is an  award winning creative production house specializing in documentary style storytelling. We are enraptured by the human experience, obsessed with creating quality video that makes a lasting impact on the viewer. 

Northeast Minneapolis is ridiculously rich in the arts. A large amount of long empty factories and warehouses beckoned artists to come in droves,  transforming a blue collar polish neighborhood into one of the nations most successful  "Arts Districts". One day we walked out our doors and decided to start pointing a camera at local artists. See what we captured in the gallery above.




Behind the Scenes 



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